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Can I print invoices?
Yes, Jeyla Studio will generate invoices and you can print them on a standard printer.
Can I connect a cash drawer?
Yes, you can connect a cash drawer. In most cases, Jeyla Studio will interface with a standard cash drawer connected to your computer via a USB Cash Drawer Trigger.
Do I need special hardware to run Jeyla Studio?
No, Jeyla Studio will run on any computer. You can most likely use your existing computer or laptop. You can also print invoices on any printer. The only item of special hardware you may need, is a cash drawer (if you wish to use a cash drawer).
Is Jeyla Studio compatible with touch screens?
Yes, right from the start, Jeyla Studio has been designed with touch screens in mind.
Do I need an internet connection to run Jeyla Studio?
No, Jeyla Studio does not require an internet connection to run. All features are available without any kind of internet connection. However, if you do happen to have an internet connection, there are some convenience features you can take advantage of (such as one click upgrades).
Can I run Jeyla Studio on my tablet or phone?
It depends. Jeyla Studio is a desktop application designed to run on a computer or laptop. This means that it will not run on iPads, iPhones or Android devices. However, if you choose a Windows based tablet, then yes, Jeyla Studio will run on that.
Can I open Jeyla Studio in a web browser?
No, Jeyla Studio is an application you install on your computer. Therefore, it does does not run in your browser.
Can I run Jeyla Studio on more than one terminal at a time?
No, Jeyla Studio is a single terminal application.
Can I install Jeyla Studio on more than one computer?
Sure, but remember that Jeyla Studio is a single terminal application. This means that if you install Jeyla Studio on multiple machines, they will function independently of each other. Some clients have Jeyla Studio installed on a computer in their salon and also on a computer at their home. They use the installation at home to analyse information about their business. Data is transferred between the two computers via an easy backup and restore procedure.
Can Jeyla Studio handle gift certificates?
Yes, gift certificates are built into the application. This means you can generate certificates, print certificates and seamlessly process certificates... all from within Jeyla Studio.
Can my customers book appointments online with Jeyla Studio?
No, this is not a service we currently offer. This may change in the future.
What are the appointment reminders?
You are probably used to sending out text messages to remind your clients about their appointments. Well, if you have an internet connection and have purchased an appointment reminder subscription, then with just the click of a button, Jeyla Studio will send out appointment reminders to your clients via email. This functionality is built into the application and makes reducing no-shows a breeze!
What kind of marketing options do I have with Jeyla Studio?
Jeyla Studio provides you with marketing opportunities via the many reports that are available. For example, one report will provide the details of clients who have an upcoming birthday. You can use the output of such a report to feed into a third party (ie, not related to Jeyla Studio) bulk text message provider (costs will be involved). Or, you could use the report output to run a mail/email merge operation with your favorite spreadsheet application (we recommend LibreOffice). This will cost you nothing.
I do not have a spreadsheet application installed, how can I read the CSV reports produced by Jeyla Studio?
You can download and install LibreOffice for free. It works great with Jeyla Studio!
What sized screen should I have for Jeyla Studio?
Literally, any size is fine. Jeyla Studio is designed with dynamic content which will adjust to any screen size. So if you have a small counter space, a small screen will do just fine. If we were to recommend a screen size, a laptop with a 14 inch screen would be ideal.
Is my data safe?
Yes, completely safe. Your data is stored on your computer and not in the 'cloud'. This means that you, and only you, have access to your data. This also means that your data is not at risk of disappearing over night, nor is it being sold to other companies (yes.. other free online apps actually do this).
I rent chairs out in my salon. Is Jeyla Studio suitable for me?
Absolutely. You can produce reports on exactly how much income each staff member has generated over any period of time. This allows you to easily calculate amounts either owed to you or to any staff member.
I'm looking for software that will help me schedule client appointments in a calendar, but my business is not a hair salon. Will Jeyla Studio still be ok for me to use?
Yes of course. If your business model is similar to a hair salon (ie, you have clients and want to schedule appointments) then Jeyla Studio will be a perfect fit for you.
Is Jeyla Studio available in languages other than English?
Yes. Jeyla Studio is also available in French, German and Spanish. Learn more about our language translations.
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